Image Designed by Andrew Hill

Image Designed by Andrew Hill

Scriptease: Halloween Edition

October 18, 19 & 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Fireside Social House

Last year's improv/acting mash-up show 'Scriptease' returns (from the graveyard) this time creepier and scarier than ever! The premise remains the same: one actor and one improvisor will perform a scene. The actor has to stick to their lines no matter what, the improvisor has no idea what scene they are in. This time around, every scene is horror-inspired in this Halloween-themed Scriptease! It's going to be a lot funny, a little spooky, and full of tricks and treats!

There will be a different emcee to host ScripTease each night!
Thursday, October 18 is hosted by Michelle Braun
Friday, October 19 is hosted by Logan Martin
Saturday, October 20 is hosted by Michael Kelly

A note about Ticket Prices:
(lumin)theater lab uses a sliding scale for ticket prices. You choose what you want to pay for a ticket within the range of $11 - $49. All tickets are general admission. Regardless of what you choose to pay, you will receive the same experience. If none of the payment options is affordable, please contact us at with your ticket request and we'll reserve a spot for you.  

Scriptease is not appropriate for children under 16 (may contain adult themes and adult language)

We deeply regret that entry up to, and exit down from the Fireside Social House event hall is not accessible via wheelchair.