November 16 & 17
Fireside Social House - 108 2nd St E, Hastings MN 55033

SCRIPTEASE is a show that pairs actors (who have a script in their hands) with improv artists (who don't). The actors can't waver from the lines assigned them in the script - the improv artists don't even know what play they're in. It's scintillating, unexpected and always interesting!!

SCRIPTEASE is not recommended for children under 16; may contain mature language & mature content.

We deeply regret that entry up to, and exit down from theFireside Social House event hall is not accessible via wheelchair.

Aaron (1).jpg

Cast of Scriptease:

-Aaron Henry
-Rob Andersen
-Leah Christine
-Kelli Tatum
-Libby Wasylik
-Tom Sorenson


All performers will be acting in some scenes as well as doing improv in some scenes

Featuring live music from An Answer In The Echo

Special Guest Hosts each night!
Hosted by Lori Braucks on Thursday, Nov. 16
Hosted by Michelle Braun on Friday, Nov. 17


Give to the Max Day / Ticket Info

What is Give to the Max Day?
Give to the Max Day is like Black Friday or Christmas to nonprofit organizations across Minnesota. Donors are encouraged to focus on giving to their favorite organizations on November 16th (donations from November 1st through the 16th add up to this year's give to the max day) to help them reach their funding goals for the coming year and to qualify them for additional cash prizes.

(lumin)theater lab is raising funds to be able to support more productions for the winter/spring season in 2018. Funds raised will go toward things such as production rights, rehearsal space rental, performance space rental, construction of sets, props, costumes, and every other aspect of creating excellent theater productions.

(lumin)theater lab thrives on donations. We aim to keep our ticket prices as affordable as possible because we believe that the price of a ticket should not limit someone's ability to see a production.

Give to the Max Day is especially awesome because every donation received because of it has the chance of getting special bonuses attached to it so your donation to (lumin)theater lab could be mean that (lumin)theater lab is awarded with extra money!

What does this have to do with tickets/ScripTease?
Scriptease performs on Thursday, November 16 (which is Give to the Max Day) - as well as Friday, November 17. If you donate any amount of money from November 1st through November 16th, you will receive free admission into ScripTease.

If you'd like to come see Scriptease without making a donation for Give to the Max Day, tickets will be available at the door for the price of $8.


How do I donate?
For donations to count for Give to the Max day, donate HERE starting on November 1.

Donate whatever amount you feel comfortable giving; all donations will be put to good use!  
Thank you to all of our donors!