The Scarlet Letter


Adapted by Kelli Tatum
Directed by Libby Wasylik

Hate culture. Scapegoating. Trolling. Alternative facts. Slut shaming.
In today’s world of reduced privacy, increased bullying, intensified peer pressure, and notoriety through celebrity, there is no shortage of toxic, societal pressures that we cope with daily. Yet, these same themes were rampant in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic, “The Scarlet Letter” set in the 17th century, where subjects that were relevant in Hawthorne’s day are once again painfully relevant now. This adaptation (written by Kelli Tatum) explores the paths we can take as accused and accuser. While the plot is centered around a woman, it closely examines both men and women of the community, their fears, their transgressions, their shame and their choices.

February 8-23, 2019

Performed at:
Hastings City Hall
101 4th St E, Hastings MN 55033

Cast & Crew

(in order of appearance)
Hester Prynne - Leah Christine
Mistress Underhill - Beth Kellner
Mistress Stoddard - Megan Hanks
Mistress Graybrook - Tia Tanzer
Mistress Harmon - Natalie Power
Master Brackett - Michael Kelly
Roger Chillingworth - Rob Andersen
Arthur Dimmesdale - Theo Ebarb
Reverend Wilson - Scott Murdock
Pearl - Katie Vieth
Master Graybrook - Zach Filkins
Governor Bellingham - Robb Krueger
Mistress Hibbins - Kelli Tatum
Ship’s Captain - Michael Kelly
Mistress Hawthorn - Suellen Weber

Stage Manager - Kelly Nokk
Scenic Designer - John Rigg
Costume Designer - Sam Heldman
Lighting Design - Dave Wasylik
Props Design - Suellen Weber
Poster Design - Andrew Hill
Headshots - Michelle Del

Photos by Andrew Hill & Renae Hill