“Brokenness is a universal experience and there isn’t a person in this world who hasn’t at some time felt part of their life was a mess. I hope this show reminds us that our brokenness is beautiful. In this divided climate full of mistrust and fear of those different from ourselves, I hope that this show reminds us of our fundamental sameness. We are all messes, people in pieces, and we all need each other to make us whole.”
— Libby Wasylik's Director's Notes

February 2 - 12, 2017

Carriage House Theater
618 Pearl St, Prescott WI


Aaron Henry
Caitlin Weber
Callie Meiners
Kelli Tatum
Leah Christine
Libby Wasylik
Rob Andersen
Steve Soler
Tom Sorenson


Producers - Libby Wasylik & Caitlin Weber
Lights/Sound - David Wasylik & Joren Skov
Photo and Artwork Credit - Andrew Hill