Show Description

Despite most members of the household attempting to tell him otherwise, wealthy patriarch Orgon is dazzled by Tartuffe’s act of holiness and piety. The family must resort to drastic measure to shine light on Tartuffe’s true, darker nature.

Directed by Diogo Lopes (director of Transatlantic Love Affair’s ‘These Old Shoes’ & ‘Ash Land’ as well as Black Dirt Theater’s ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ & ‘The Odd Couple,’) this classic French farce by Moliere performs in a vintage boutique, Eye Candy REfind, in November 2019.

Short Description

(lumin)theater lab presents Moliere’s classic farce, Tartuffe, performing at Eye Candy REfind in downtown Hastings. Directed by Diogo Lopes.